We Serve To Lead. But We Must Lead.

ambitionHow about this as a motto “We Serve to Lead”

Leadership as Service; I think that’s counter-cultural but it is what we need. It’s the way that True Leaders will step to the fore.

I recently heard a sermon that suggested that working people should give up their personal ambitions to give more of their life to God. Now I have no objection to anyone giving their life to God, perhaps by joining an Order of monks / nuns or by seeking ordination. However I do question the idea that ambition is, in some way, bad.

Personal ambition is a Christian virtue, read Luke 19:11=27 the original Apprentice!

As a society we live in a global village, our lives are seriously impacted by the decisions made by business and government leaders. Those leaders come from the body that includes all of us.

I want Christians to step forward and to say “here I am, count me in” I want Christians to be part of the decision making process.

How many Christians have heard sermons like the one I have spoken of  and felt guilty about their own ambitions?

In the 1930’s there was a big movement amongst communists to “get a First for Jo”. The idea being that students should prove communism was better because communists get First Class Honours!

Maybe it’s time to get a First for Christ. Become a leader for Christ. To be ambitious for Christ.

Christians in the workplace need to be servants, they need to be meek; they can draw on this to be leaders.

They can Serve to Lead.

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