The Half Halt. Equestrianism and Advent.

When a show jumper turns into a jump they need to get the horse’s attention. To get it to focus on the job in hand so they use what is called a “Half Halt”.

The Half-Halt is a riding aid given by a rider to it’s horse, in which the “go on boy” and “whoa there” messages are applied in quick succession. It is sometimes thought of as an “almost halt,” asking the horse to prepare to halt in balance, before pushing forward to continue in its purpose.

What the rider is doing is asking the horse to get ready for the next big thing.

Advent is the church’s Half Halt. It’s a time when we reflect on where we are and prepare for what’s to come. Our services become focused on preparation. On being ready.

What about in the work place?

The work place during the build up to Christmas is consumed by the need to plan and prepare. Who gets time off? How do we meet deadlines?

In my company we pay about 750 people each week.

They are temps who are working in different sites for different hours. The rules are simple; you work Monday to Sunday. You give us your time sheet on the following Monday. We process it so that on Wednesday BACS is told to pay you on Friday.

It’s a process that works day in day out. Until Christmas.

A temp working in the week before Christmas still wants to be paid on the following Friday,  so my pay roll team has one day to do 3 days’ work!

Time for a Half Halt!

Time to reflect.

Time to plan.

In your work situation you are also getting ready for Christmas.

Getting busy.

Maybe getting hassled.

Perhaps it’s time for  a Half Halt.

Time for Advent.

Time to take stock.

Time to reflect and plan.

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