Is there a place for God at work?




Is getting God to work a good idea?

As a company director I want my employees to go the extra mile.

To carry the company brand beyond the hours I employ them.

In return, I need to acknowledge that their extra work life will permeate their office life. I want their “whole self” to be committed to our business; so I need to allow that self to find expression in the office. Whether that is their involvement in the local football team or local politics.

A while ago Jack Welch published a post on Linkedin entitled “Go Ahead, Talk About Politics at Work”, you can read his thoughts here:

Mr Welch’s contention is that it is a positive thing for workers to share their political thoughts in the work place. Not because politics per se is a good topic but because:

“…you should always bring your whole self to work. You should bring your interests and your passions. You should bring your authenticity. Being real is the only way to be.”

How far can we go with the idea of bringing the “whole self” to work?

For many people that concept incudes, in fact is defined by, their faith. God is a vital, defining part, of many people’s lives. It defines how they want to interact with colleagues, customers and employers.

Are we ready to allow God in the work place?

What happens if it’s not our God? So many questions spring out, but if we accept conversations about Trump, why not God?

In March this year, Renata Chester, FD of Suffolk Life, spoke to an audience of Ipswich business people on the subject:

“Is the bottom line the only kind of profit in business?”

Local press reported it here

The essence of her thesis was that there is a place for God in the workplace, I wonder how uncomfortable that makes you.

If the “whole self” is important to the work place do we need to find a place for God in the office, factory or building site as we find room for Brexit, Sport and Trump?

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