This is the home page for the Church of England’s Chaplaincy to Ipswich’s workplaces. At the moment that means one person is here trying to pull it all together, but we intend to grow.

Peter Foy is an ordained minister appointed to the role of Chaplain to the businesses in the centre of Ipswich.

Peter has a full time job as a director  of Just Recruitment Group Limited and also supports the chaplaincy to the workplace.

So what is  Workplace Chaplaincy?

We have 3 objectives.

  1. To assist Christians in the workplace to to form Christian groups.
  2. To articulate how Christianity is relevant in a business context.
  3. To make the love of Christ known in the business community of Ipswich.

If you want to set up or join a Christian group that is empathetic to your work life then mail me. Chaplain.